Online Māori Course

As New Zealanders, we have a rich cultural history and upholding the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi is a key part of our ongoing journey as a nation. Learning te reo Māori and understanding the tikanga that makes up te ao Māori helps us to connect with our nation’s heritage, to represent our culture accurately, and to create a communal sense of shared understanding.

With the inclusion of te reo Māori as a compulsory subject in all schools from 2022, it is important that those of us who did not have that opportunity while growing up seek out our own opportunities to gain knowledge. Education Perfect offers Aotearoa’s most accessible online learning course with specific offerings for professionals, students, and individuals alike.

EP’s online Māori courses offer you the ability to study at your own pace and gain the skills and knowledge that you require. It has never been easier to learn Māori from the comfort of your own home.

Why learn te reo Māori online?

There are a huge number of benefits to learning a second language, and as te reo becomes increasingly common throughout the country, learning the basics of the language can help us to grow and evolve as a country. Sir James Henare put it most eloquently when he said; “Ko te reo te mauri o te mana Māori,” meaning “the language is the life force of Māori prestige”.

What online Māori courses does Education Perfect offer? 

EP has everything to help learn the māori language. offers three online courses that contain targeted material for those wishing to upskill in te reo; for professionals, for schools, and for anyone interested in enhancing their knowledge. Support your learning with our online platform.

The material in each is broken down into different kete kōrero (learning modules) and each contains vocabulary, comprehension, writing and speaking activities. The kete are broken up into scaffolded blocks so that they are appropriate for beginner and intermediate level learners, without the need for an expert in te reo Māori to guide them.

Online Māori Course For Professionals

There are an increasing number of government and industry-related jobs that require a working knowledge of te reo Māori. The Māori economy really is booming throughout the country, and the next decades will see knowledge of te reo become not only a nice to have but an essential component of being successful in Aotearoa. Invest in cultural competence and pay more than lip service to diversity and inclusion. Our course for professionals caters directly to the needs of professionals and includes content such as:

  • Te Whakahuatanga: Pronunciation
  • He Mihi: General greetings and introductions
  • Ngā Ritenga: General etiquette
  • Ngā Kare ā-roto: Feelings and asking how someone is
  • Mihimihi: Speeches of greeting and interrelationships
  • Pōwhiri, Mihi Whakatau: Formal and informal encounters
  • Aotearoa NZ’s Histories: Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Matariki
  • Te Reo o te Tari: Office language
  • Wetereo: Grammar
  • Ngā Whakataukī me ngā Kīwaha: Proverbs and idioms

For schools

As a compulsory school subject, the need for quality resources supporting the teaching and learning of te reo Māori has never been higher. With a shortage of qualified Māori teachers across the country, resources such as EP’s can help ākonga develop a greater understanding of te reo, tikanga, and kaupapa Māori.

Our educator specific course is targeted at kaiako and kaimahi who are looking for a flexible professional development solution that will provide them with langage to use with whanau and students alike. As an essential criteria of upholding teacher registration, this course offers teachers a simple and manageable way to learn and upskill.  

For everyone

Our language is our history, and a foundational knowledge is essential for all New Zealanders. For many who grew up without the opportunity to learn te reo Māori at school, the idea of learning a new language can feel daunting or overwhelming. That’s why our online course is an ideal solution; easy to access, self-paced, and with automated feedback. It’s never too late to learn Māori.

How are the te reo Māori courses delivered?

EP’s proprietary platform is interactive, and includes media, quizzes, and aural clips to help with pronunciation and awareness of authentic language usage. Our content banks are based on strongest education principles and are fully aligned with the local curriculum. With access via any connected browser or even an app, there is maximum flexibility and the ability to ensure continuity for learners across blended and remote learning experiences.

EveryoneFor Everyone
An online course for individuals and whānau.

ProfessionalFor Professionals
An online course for leaders and employees.

SchoolFor Schools
Unique online course for both students and educators.